2015 Discovery World Annual Report

“Why do we matter?” Like many organizations, Discovery World continually asks this critical question. If we are to be an important community asset, we need to know what makes us unique and that what we offer can make our community stronger for generations to come. In 2014, more than 75% of the fastest growing occupations required significant mathematics or science preparation. Global innovation has always been driven by creative leaders with strong connections to technology, engineering, and design. Early access to innovation is the first step in producing well-rounded individuals armed with creative tools and techniques that can help solve challenges faced by our community and our world. Discovery World is our region’s foremost provider of public access to those tools and techniques, and we are making a difference by shaping our future workforce even as we entertain kids and families every day.

Discovery World helps today’s kids see themselves as tomorrow’s creators and problem-solvers. Through interactive exhibits, experiences, and educational programs, Discovery World introduces young people to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education in a different way than a textbook, lecture or game alone can accomplish. Hands-on Discovery World experiences provide fun avenues for kids to delve into future career possibilities. Discovery World sparks curiosity about how the world works – or could work – for thousands of young people every year, and encourages them to move further along the STEM continuum toward the careers that await them in our community or elsewhere around the globe.

After almost a decade on Milwaukee’s lakefront, Discovery World is making a difference. We matter to the thousands of students, children, and families who pass through our doors every year. We matter to businesses who want to stay and grow here and need a workforce that is equipped to perform 21st Century tasks. If you want to build a healthier, more vibrant and innovative community, we matter to you!